Site Council

The Esmond Station Site Council serves in an advisory capacity to our principal, Mrs. Kitzmiller.  Members of the council function in an advisory role, not in a policy and procedure capacity. Topics discussed by the council may include budgetary concerns, fundraisers, field trips, dress code, 301 goals, and recognitions. Suggestions and feedback are shared by the parents, community and staff members that make up the council.

Membership consists of two certified staff members, one classified staff member and four parent or community members. Each representative is elected from their constituency for a term of two years. Nominations for vacant parent/community positions take place at our back to school open house. Nominations for classified and certified positions take place at the beginning of the year staff meeting.

Meetings are always open to the public. Please email our office manager if you have any questions: Kristin Dojaquez.

Parents- Alyssa Gardner, Dusty Murphy, Charlotte Thornley, and Kasey Townsend

Classified- Marcia Johnson

Certified- Melissa Countryman and Susie Oslund

Site Council meeting dates: (click the date for the agenda)

8/17 Organization Meeting

8/17 Minutes

10/26 Minutes

1/11 Minutes

4/11 Minutes

5/9 Minutes