Yvonne Madigan

I was born and raised here in Tucson, Arizona along with the rest of my family. I went to Rincon High school and attended the University of Arizona, graduating with a bachelor’s in Elementary Education.  That summer after graduating, I was hired in Vail as a kindergarten teacher at Acacia Elementary. During my 2nd year of teaching, I went back to school at NAU (Northern University of Arizona) to get my master’s in Ed Leadership. It took me 2 years to complete summer school. I taught kindergarten for 14 years then moved up to 1st grade. Acacia was home to me for 18 years until Esmond Station opened up in 2014. I moved over to Esmond Station as a 1st-grade teacher. This is my 26th year of teaching and I find I am always striving to learn new things and/or new ways to make sure my students are learning in fun ways. My ultimate goal is to make sure all my students learn all that they need and beyond to be ready for the next grade level. 

I have always wanted to be a teacher and have loved teaching the younger children because I want to be a part of their first years. They are excited and eager to learn. I want them to keep their excitement and build upon their strong foundation for future learning. I want them to see themselves as life long learners…readers, writers, etc. all in a fun way! 

Little more information about myself, I have a set of twins, they are 15 years old, Ariana and Nathaniel. They attend Empire High School but prior to attending high school, they attended Acacia and Esmond with me up until 8th grade, which I would never change for anything. Loved having them with me each and every day. Ariana plays soccer in school and for club and that keeps us very busy. We have a little dog named Ruby. We love spending time with family, friends, being outside, watching movies and playing games