Sandra Cornejo

My name is Sandra Cornejo, this is my 8th year working in Vail and I have loved every minute of it. I have been teaching a total of 11 years, 10 of those years I have taught 3rd grade. Third grade was my favorite year as a student, and as a teacher, it captured my heart from the start. Third grade is a huge transitional year and I truly enjoy watching the students blossom as learners. I know it sounds crazy, but one of my favorite things is preparing the kids for their first state test. I love to watch them take all of the knowledge they have acquired throughout the year and show off their hard work in April. I enjoy working as a team with families to make sure students can achieve their goals. My goal each year is to create a safe and loving environment in my classroom where students know it is ok to make mistakes on our way to achieve our fullest potential. 

Aside from being a Vail teacher, I am also blessed to be a Vail parent. I have 2 kids in Vail, Ivan in 2nd grade and Fabi in 8th grade. When I am not teaching I am spending my time with my family. Some of our favorite things to do are play board games, go on walks, and watch movies. My favorite show in the entire world is I Love Lucy, and on rare occasions, I can get both of my kids to sit and watch a few episodes with me, it warms my heart to hear them giggling at a show that is over 60 years old. I am excited for a new school year, and can’t wait to welcome all of the new families into my classroom.