Paula (Gray) Spencer

Hello! My name is Paula Spencer. I was born and raised in Minnesota, the land of snow and 10,000 lakes. I absolutely love to be outside in nature. At home, I love to work in my garden, read, and spend time with my husband and children. My ideal vacation would be anywhere in the mountains in our travel trailer or taking a road trip in our Jeep. I have two amazing daughters. My older daughter will be a senior this year at Cienega and my younger daughter will be a third-grader at Esmond Station. 

I went to Luther College, in a little tiny town in Iowa. I made my way further south away from the snow and began my teaching career in Dallas, Texas. I taught fourth grade for two years before I ventured further west to Tucson. I have been teaching in the Vail School District since 2000. I have taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades in general education and then spent the last 5 years at Vail Inclusive Preschool as an Early Childhood Inclusive Specialist in both the preschool and pre-K settings. In 2001, I earned my Masters Degree from NAU in Educational Leadership and my principal certificate. All of these experiences, in all of these classrooms, have made me the teacher I am today. I absolutely love to facilitate learning in the classroom with my students. My goal is to create a kind and respectful classroom, in which all children feel welcome and encouraged to be the best students and persons they can be. Finding hands-on ways to learn and encouraging creative thinking and problem solving are all integral parts of our classroom. My goal is to instill a life-long love of learning and discovery.