Jenifer Henson

Hello! My name is Jenifer Henson and I currently teach ELP and 2nd and 3rd-grade Advanced Math. I have lived in Arizona for the past 12 years but I am originally from Montana. I attended Montana State University and obtained my degree in Elementary Education. I enjoy traveling and being outside in nature. I also enjoy spending time with my family, especially my three little nieces. 

I have been teaching in the Vail School District for the last 12 years and really enjoy the variety of opportunities my time in the district has provided me with. I am currently a cognitive coach for new teachers and enjoy not only helping these teachers improve but also learning from other incredible teachers. I am also on the Student Solutions Team (SST) where I work together with a team to help teachers come up with plans to help students needing extra support. I am also a Girls on the Run coach where I help girls in 3rd-5th grade improve physically, emotionally and mentally. In addition to these activities, I help run STEAM Nights, STEAM camp and Craft Day. One of the most exciting programs I have been participating in over the last four years is a program called Future Cities. For this program, students in 7th-8th grade ELP design a city in the future that has overcome a challenge. Each year there is a new challenge for the students to solve. The competition consists of 5 parts where students must submit a project plan, design an online city, write an essay about their city, create a scaled model out of recycled items of their city, and give a 5-7 minute presentation about their city. The students travel overnight to Phoenix to participate in this competition. Each year we have gotten better and better and took home 4th place last year. I love watching my students problem solve and think creatively. I strive to design hands-on projects for my students to use 21st-century skills. I am continually challenging my students to improve and focus on growth mindset habits. I am blown away with what my students accomplish every day and am always looking forward to what they will accomplish next! 

I enjoy working collaboratively with students, families and other teachers. I firmly believe that education is a collaborative effort. I want students to take ownership of their learning and have a voice in their education. Many of my activities are designed to give students choices in how they will present what they have learned. I am continually learning from these talented students every day.