Esmond’s Mission and Vision

The mission of Esmond Station is to provide a quality education while working together with our parents, students and community.  Using an innovative approach we are preparing kind and responsible citizens for the future.


Esmond Station’s Guiding Principles

At Esmond Station we focus on what’s best for kids by:

Leading by example. We teach and practice responsibility, citizenship, kindness, and respect through the ACT statement and the Kind Campus Program. 

Collaboratively working as a team involving students, parents, staff, and community to create a positive, secure, and safe learning environment. 

Encouraging all students to REACH high expectations, and to set high expectations for themselves. 

Creating innovative thinkers through implementation of curriculum that uses the most current technology and teaching practices including critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and investigative learning.

We collaboratively work as a team to engage our students and promote successful learning.